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WELCOME to the website of the South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, a resource for companies doing business in Nigeria or which are interested exploring the market and Nigerian companies looking at South Africa. The Chamber, established in 2005, is a reservoir of useful information about the two countries. We have a fortnightly newsletter focusing on news about trade and business between the two countries, regular networking events and we offer a visa service built on the back of our strong ties with the diplomatic missions. See the membership form on the Members page.


Assistance with Nigerian VISAs

visasiconThe SA-NCC offers a visa service to its members, leveraging our links with the Nigerian diplomatic missions. For more details of the services offered, associated costs and visa and work permit requirements, please see our VISA Info page.

Latest from the blog

  • President Muhammadu Buhari sets out priorities but is yet to appoint government

    AFRICA RISK CONSULTING ANALYST – President Muhammadu Buhari set out his governance and security priorities during a short address at his inauguration on 29 May.1 However, he failed to ensure that his chosen candidates won the most senior offices in the national assembly. This will make it harder for him to pass his reform agenda and increases the risk of policy delays. During his inauguration, Buhari: Emphasised the curtailing of corruption, but pledged that there would be no “paying off old scores” 2 in an apparent attempt to reassure members of former president Goodluck Jonathan’s(2010-2015) administration that he would conduct a Read More
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Upcoming Events

  • South Africa-Nigeria Chamber 10th Anniversary
    The South Africa-Nigeria Chamber of Commerce celebrates 10 years in 2015. We will be celebrating with a cocktail party at the Michelangelo Hotel on Wednesday 7 October with a range of speakers and anecdotes about the past 10 years in this important relationship. Attendance is by invitation only.
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  • South Africa-Nigeria Banking Summit
    The continent’s two biggest economies are pivotal to the financing of their own economies and the wider development of Africa. The countries are home to Africa’s biggest and rapidly expanding banks. Who are they and what issues are they dealing with in this rapidly growing continent as they grapple with the disruption of technology and changing legislative requirements. Top bankers from both countries and others in the financial services and…
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Past events

Past events

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