Please note the Nigerian Government has instituted strict visa regulations for South African companies based on the diplomatic reciprocity of the governments. The Nigerian government aims to match the requirements of South Africa's visa regime with Nigeria.

As a result the visa requirements for South Africans visiting Nigeria have become a lot stricter and the turnaround time to issue a visa longer than before.

First time visitors to Nigeria will pay a repatriation fee of R6000 refundable on your return to South Africa
No more urgent visas will be issued and visa fees are NOT refundable.

Please see below for visa information.

Application Process
  • Go to Nigerian Immigration Service website
  • Click on “Entry Visa Application Form”
  • Complete form, printing out each of the 4 pages as you complete them -
  • When you press SUBMIT, a page will come up with an ID and Reference number – please note these down
  • Close that window and you should be at the payments page. Follow the instructions (note the fee is $58 to be paid online)
  • Once you have paid, it is VERY IMPORTANT to print out the page confirming payment. This page will have a green band across the top and “Nigeria Immigration Service” at the top. It will not be an email confirming payment which you may also receive.

These must be taken to the Consulate in Johannesburg (or delivered to the SA-Nigeria Chamber if you are using our service) along with the following:

Business Visa (in addition to documents above – application form and proof of payment)
  • Passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • Current passport sized photograph
  • Letter of invitation from Nigerian company or executive
  • Certificate of incorporation from that company (ie. With company registration number)
  • Hotel booking. Alternatively if using company accommodation, this must be specified in invitation letter
  • Letter from your company in SA confirming your employment with them
  • Air ticket or flight booking
  • Proof of sufficient funds to stay in Nigeria (ie. Forex exchange slip or recent bank account)
  • If a non-South African, proof of residence in SA
  • If you have travelled to Nigeria but proof of this is not in your current passport, submit copy of a previous visa or the old passport. This is to avoid paying the R6000 repatriation fee unnecessarily

Please note that there is no payment facility on the Nigerian website for Zimbabweans to pay online at present. A visa fee of R780 must be paid IN CASH with the application at the Consulate.

Tourism Visa (to visit friends and family based in Nigeria)

The same as the requirements above except instead of a letter of invitation from a company and certificate of incorporation, you need

  • Letter of invitation from the person in Nigeria in their personal capacity
  • Confirmation in the letter above of accommodation with them or hotel booking
  • Copy of the data/information page of the passport
  • If married to a Nigerian, a copy of marriage certificate
Repatriation Fee

A fee of R6000 per person applies to anyone who has never visited Nigeria before (as above please include proof of previous visas if you have been before but there is no proof in your current passport)

This must be paid to Standard Bank in Sandton as follows:

Account name: Consulate General of Nigeria

Account no: 006813003

Standard Bank Sandton (004305)

To apply for the refund on your return you need to produce proof of travel (relevant stamps in your passport, copy of the visa and – to be safe – boarding card stubs, along with a copy of the bank deposit slip.

Please note the R6000 must be paid from your personal bank account as the Consulate will not refund companies but only individuals.

Temporary Work Permit (for people going on short contracts to do training, project work, auditing, equipment repair etc.)

This must be applied for by the company in Nigeria for whom you will be doing the work

The company must apply to the relevant authority

The employer in Nigeria and the relevant Nigerian mission will receive a “Telegram” confirming approval

A completed application form, proof of payment for the TWP, photocopy of data page of passport and one photograph are required to complete this process