Visas for South Africa

1. Visas for Nigerians to visit South Africa

2. Yellow Fever Certificates

3. Department of Home Affairs Corporate Accounts Unit

1. Visas for Nigerians to visit South Africa

South African visas for Nigerians are collected by visa agent VFS, which has offices in Lagos, Abuja and now Port Harcourt. The applications are screened by VFS officials and sent on to the South African immigration officials based in Nigeria for processing.

Visas are not available at points of entry.

The fee for business and holiday visas are N8600 plus service fees of N11,960 at Lagos and Abuja offices and N31,960 in Port Harcourt. These can be paid at the visa centre.

In South Africa, visas for tourism and for visiting family and friends are issued for a maximum of three months. Short term visit visas do not allow the applicant to switch into a longer term South African immigration service and although short term study is permitted, an applicant may not study for longer than the grant of their visa.

Where students wish to continue studying in South African for longer than three months a study visa application must be submitted. Unlike a visit visa, a student visa allows the candidate to engage in limited employment, however in both cases permits are issued for temporary residence and candidates must return to their country of residency upon expiry.

Please find all the necessary details at the VFS website at the following link:

Please download the application form (BI-84) from this link

More details about visas for South Africa can be found at the Department of Home Affairs website at this link.

2. Yellow Fever Certificates

It is mandatory for travellers from Nigeria, among several other countries on the continent, to have Yellow Fever Certificates on them when entering South Africa.

It must be reiterated that the cards be obtained only from authorized government port health services who receive the vaccines from the primary healthcare development agencies. Travellers must be careful about not buying the certificates from touts around the airport and health facilities as they may then be turned back at the airport in Johannesburg if the certificates are suspected of being fake.

Please note that the yellow fever injection must be given at least 10 days before travelling or it may not be accepted. Note, however, that once it has been given, the certificate is valid for 10 years so it should be stored safely.

3. Department of Home Affairs Corporate Accounts Unit

South African companies can now process corporate visas and worker certificates through the Department of Home Affairs’ recently established dedicated facility for dealing with corporate clients. The Sandton based Corporate Accounts Unit, run in collaboration with the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency, VFS, and the Gauteng Investment Centre, aims to overcome many of the practical challenges to immigration issues, such as a backlog of pending asylum and refugee applications, which are holding up the issuance of corporate visas.

Companies and larger businesses are urged to register for “Corporate Account Status” to benefit from a more efficient visa service. However, please note that this only applies to companies based in South Africa and staff working in the country, not to employees of South African companies in Nigeria and elsewhere.

Please find more details of selection criteria to become a corporate client and to learn more about the selection process, please click on the following link